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Host your database where your app is!
Our fully managed MongoDB hosting service is
available on AWS, Azure, and Google.

Cloud Hosting
RAM variable variable 2 GB up to 244 GB 8 GB up to 244 GB
Included storage 0.5 GB 1 GB varies varies
Maximum storage 0.5 GB 8 GB unlimited unlimited
SSD options
Free data transfer
High Availability
Multi-zone automatic failover *
Multi-zone automatic failover
  • Multiple redundant nodes each in isolated fault zones (on cloud providers that support this).
  • Automatic failover to a secondary node should the primary become unreachable.
Zero-downtime vertical scaling via rolling upgrades
Zero-downtime horizontal scaling via sharding
Tenanting Options
Dedicated mongod (your own server process)
Dedicated virtual machine (RAM, CPU, I/O)
Full MongoDB client driver support
Oplog access
Monitoring & Alerts
24x7 MongoDB monitoring and alerts
Real-time and historical performance metrics
Performance metrics

Our Telemetry system collects key server metrics and stores them over time so you can visualize historical database performance.

For real-time insight Telemetry also providesn live streaming of performance data directly to the browser.

Real-time and historical log file access
Slow query analyzer
Slow query analyzer

Our slow query analyzer provides an analysis of the queries running against your database(s) and makes index recommendations. It is powered by our open-source analysis tool, Dex.

Integration with New Relic
Backup and Recovery
Free daily system-level backup
Custom backups with easy restore **
Backups taken from a secondary
Free restores
Admin Tools
Web-based admin tools
Management of any cloud MongoDB
Full database administrative privileges
Full database admin privileges

Complete administrative access to your database instance(s). This includes the ability to create multiple databases and evaluate JavaScript functions on the database server.

MongoDB with authentication enabled
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Ability to firewall database port(s)
Ability to enable SSL MongoDB connections ***
MongoDB Support
Timely, no-fuss email support
MongoDB/database expert advice
Availability SLA ****
24x7 emergency support contact
Commercial Support from MongoDB, Inc.
* Automatic failover is multi-zone on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure only.
** An additional per-run fee applies for custom backups, although Dedicated plans include one free daily custom backup.
*** An additional subscription fee applies for SSL domains.
**** Dedicated virtual machines must have greater than 3 GB of RAM to qualify for the Availability SLA.