Fully managed MongoDB-as-a-Service

Bring your data, and we'll manage the machines. Never think about ops again.

MongoDB in your choice of cloud. It's this easy.

  • Create a database
    Provision MongoDB on-demand on AWS, Azure, or Google.
  • Paste its connection URI
    Copy and paste the connection string into your code.
  • Build the future
    Focus on your product instead of operations.

Proudly powering over 200,000 cloud MongoDB databases
in 19 datacenters around the world.


  • Cloud Automation

    On-demand provisioning on AWS, Azure, or Google
    Single-node, Replica Set, or Sharded Cluster
    Seamless, zero-downtime scaling
    High availability via auto-failover
  • Backup and Recovery

    Free, audited backups
    Easy restores
    Flexible customization options
  • Monitoring & Alerts

    Continuous, 24x7 monitoring
    Real-time and historical performance graphs
    Custom alerts
    Slow query analyzer
  • Data Browser

    Query editor and saved searches
    Tabular data views
    JSON document editor
  • Premium Support

    Thoughtful, timely advice from real developers
    Expert help at support@mongolab.com
    24x7 emergency hotline for Dedicated Cluster plans

Thousands of companies trust us with their data

  • about.me
    MongoLab's behind-the-scenes automation allows us to efficiently create, scale, and manage many MongoDB deployments. Their MongoDB tools and expertise help ensure that we get the best performance from our databases.
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