Fully managed MongoDB-as-a-Service

Proudly powering over 200,000 cloud MongoDB databases in 19 datacenters around the world.

  • The magic of the cloud
    Create and scale databases on-demand on all the major cloud providers.
  • Total data protection
    Sleep well while we replicate, automatically backup, and redundantly-archive your data.
  • Max uptime & performance
    Our experienced robots and experts continuously monitor and manage your databases.
  • Expert care and support
    Thoughtful, timely support from real developers is why our users love us.

It's this easy

  • 1. Create your database
  • 2. Paste the connection URI
  • 3. Explore our web UI
Thousands of companies trust us with their data


  • Standard driver and REST API support
    Connect to your database using standard MongoDB drivers in the language of your choice or use MongoLab's JSON-based REST API.
  • Multi-cloud
    Keep your database close to your app server! MongoLab provides MongoDB hosting on all the major cloud platforms — Amazon (AWS), Azure, and Google — and has partnered with all of the major Platform-as-a-Service providers to enable seamless integration with the application tier.
  • High availability
    In addition to single-node databases, MongoLab offers multi-node, multi-zone Replica Set clusters with automatic failover for production applications with demanding uptime requirements.
  • Continuous monitoring and alerting
    MongoLab is constantly monitoring the health and performance of every server, ensuring your database stays up and stays fast. We offer streaming, real-time metrics on our Real-time Dashboard, and we fully integrate with MMS Monitoring, which collects and graphs key database and host metrics over time.
  • Slow query analyzer
    Easily optimize your database performance by taking advantage of MongoLab's automated slow query analyzer! We regularly identify and analyze your slow queries and use our popular open-source analysis tool, Dex, to make index recommendations.
  • Backups
    MongoLab makes it very easy to schedule one-off snapshots or recurring backup plans. We give you the flexibility to store backups with MongoLab or in your own container at your favorite cloud storage provider (e.g., Amazon S3). We also show you backup history details and make it simple to download and/or restore a backup.
  • Web-based management tools
    Our MongoDB admin tools provide beautiful data visualization and powerful database controls. Save common searches, set up tabular data views, and edit documents using a built-in JSON editor. Manage current database operations, stream real-time logs, and perform other essential DBA functions through a MongoDB GUI we're sure you'll love.
  • Zero-downtime scaling
    MongoLab makes it simple for you to seamlessly scale your production MongoDB deployments. We can scale your database horizontally by sharding or vertically with zero-downtime rolling upgrades.
  • Premium support
    In addition to MongoLab's standard no-fuss email support, our higher-end production plan customers get premium support. This includes a 24x7 emergency support email as well as Commercial Support with one-hour SLA from MongoDB, Inc. Our partnership with MongoDB, Inc. allows us to provide our users with the highest level of support with priority access to MongoDB engineers and emergency patches.

Our partners

MongoLab has developed deep partnerships with all the major cloud platforms to make it easier than ever to power your app with MongoDB.

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